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Leicester Square Theatre, London

"The cast were all excellent but special note must be made of Jason Wing as George.  He is truly scary and really deserves a wider audience for his talents.  He played a monster of a girlfriend’s father."

The Barnet Eye
Barnet Guardian



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The Brockley Jack Theatre, London

"Jez Butterworth’s hit at the Royal Court had a strong whiff of Reservoir Dogs to it. Ian O’Brien’s straight-talking production is impressively high octane all the way. It hinges on the carefully crafted double act between an adrenaline fuelled Max Day as Potts and the deft comedy of Jason Wing as Sweets." 

"Their language is Pinteresque in the way it carves through flesh, climaxing in deadpan understatement.  Their tense sweat drenched bodies in skinny ties, wide pegs and winkle pickers hurl themselves after the verbal torrents slipping their lips.  The intensely physical nature of Butterworth’s dialogue stands the test of time."

Sarah Adams
Time Out


Marlborough Theatre, Brighton Fringe Theatre Festival 2007

"From the moment Hamlet’s ghost father appeared inventively lit and genuinely eerie on the small stage I knew this was not going to be the long evening I’d feared.  This is very fine Shakespeare.  The audience loved it. So did I.  Mention must also be made of the excellent protean Jason Wing, a man of many guises."

Paul Lipman
The Argus


Jermyn Street Theatre, London

"Nervous little middle aged Martin (Tim Stern) is first seen edging into a hairy bear relationship in a karaoke bar with the younger, rougher Leo (Jason Wing).  Stewart Permutt, who can sometimes sound like a poor man’s Jewish Alan Bennett skilfully manages his narrative so that we really do care about the characters."

Michael Coveney

Muse Gallery, London

"The cop is defended by a Jewish lawyer, played by Jason Wing, who tries to make it clear to him that he is filled with hate towards black people.  Wing’s character is much like the loved US detective Columbo, whose nonchalant manner riles his adversaries but he always get his point across. The play was superbly acted out with both actors displaying the emotion of hate and disgust towards one another."

Deborah King
Urban World

Leicester Square Theatre

"Dominating the storyline is Jason Wing in a brutal, uncompromising performance as George, the frightening, tyrannical father."

Paul Vale
The Stage

"Wing’s portrayal of the ex-con is both hilarious and frightening at the flick of a switch."

Gareth Ellis
The Public Reviews

"George is a particularly well drawn and detailed personality: Unpredictable, brutal and uncompromising: Who is brought to life with a compelling performance from Jason Wing.  The play’s powerfully dark humour mainly comes from George.  Director Nathan Osgood has done a good job of embracing the lounge theatre space which helps to pressurise the situation – the audience feel the full glare of Jason Wing’s eyes and get a sense of the full force of the personality behind them."

Paschale Straiton
The Low Down

Leicester Square Theatre

"The novelist brings together complex characters at a party to strip away the layers of their psyche, similar to Pirandello’s Six Characters In Search Of An Author.  The Pirandellean influence filters through the performances, particularly Wing's darkly compelling and brooding adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe who speaks to the audience directly.  Set against a modern soundtrack of the Rolling Stones and David Bowie, Pelas captures the spirit of Poe and his work and re-introduces it to a modern audience."

Siane Daley
The Public Reviews

Music Video

"Aoise Tutty’s video for the old school electronic pop of Asteroid’s “This Distance” is an unhurried character study of an individual quietly facing up to his demons.  It features Jason Wing as the troubled man who takes a bit of the pub with him wherever he goes…"

David Knight
Promo News

Feature Film

"Jason Wing interprète le personage du brutal Laertes.  Cet Auteur es un familier de Shakespeare; il vient de signer en tant qu’auteur et acteur un mélange tres moderne de “Romeo et Juliet” et d”Othello”."

Nantes Film Festival

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